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Is Biofusion Eye Cream A SCAM?

Biofusion Eye Cream Review:- Tired of seeing dull skin daily while standing in front of mirror and dreaming of having glowing and youthful skin like the celebrities have? Your lifestyle, hectic life, stress and pollutants of various kinds, along with exposure to harmful ultra-violet rays, have left their impact on your skin through visible signs of aging by deteriorating the skin’s quality and ability to fight off these damages.

Biofusion Eye Cream BenefitBiofusion Eye Cream: What Is It?

To all these problems, there is one simple and easy-to-follow solution—BIOFUSION EYE CREAM. This complete skin care and an anti-aging product works marvellously on your skin by enhancing the appearance by revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin not only internally but externally also. It not only hydrates and moisturizes the skin from within by providing required nutrients to the skin but also tones and firms the skin, giving it a younger and smoother look, that too within days of application.

Benefits of Biofusion Eye Cream

  • A complete age-defying make-over
  • Enhances the skin’s appearance—internally as well as externally
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin
  • Gives back the skin’s suppleness, firmness and youthfulness
  • Tones the skin
  • Evens the skin texture
  • Removes wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and dark spots
  • Firms sagging skin
  • Glowing skin

Biofusion Eye Cream ResultWhat Does It Contain?

All the ingredients used in the formulation of this anti-aging supplement are extracted from natural products that are selected after a deep and meticulous research by the researchers and experts at highly advanced laboratories.

The ingredients are 100% natural and safe.

How Safe Is It?

Biofusion Eye Cream is 100% safe. It is formulated from natural extracts and ingredients and is prepared in certified laboratories. It is completely safe to use and has no side effects.

How Should I Use It?

Simply follow the instructions given on the pack, which are as follows:

You should wash your face with a mild cleanser suitable to your skin and pat it dry before applying the required dosage on your face and neck. Apply it into the skin using circular and upward motion. Leave it to be absorbed by the skin.

You should use it regularly to get the coveted look.

Remember, this supplement is not a treatment for any skin disease. Thus, before beginning with its usage, you should consult your doctor if you are receiving any kind of treatment for any ailment.

Biofusion Eye Cream ReviewsFrom Where Do I Buy It?

Biofusion Eye Cream is not available over the counter at any of the general retail stores and malls.

You can purchase it online only and that too through its official website.

Hurry! Get your pack of this miraculous age-defying product and beat the impact of hectic life on your skin and give yourself a new younger, supple and firmer look.

Biofusion Eye Cream Where to buy

Dermagen IQ and Expert Lift IQ {SCAM}?

Remembering the old days, being nostalgic, calling up old friends; there is so much of fun in doing all of these. But the moment we realize that when we are remembering those days that have gone by, something that also hits us right at that moment, which is of our present age. And when the matter of age is concerned, our looks also come in the same loop. There are many among us for whom it matter a lot. It is a fact that as you grow older, the natural glow from the skin will start reducing. Your skin will not be as tighter as it used to be. Wrinkles and fine lines would be the new participants that will be visible on your face. If you have already started receiving them, then there is no need to sit back and be disappointed about it. All that you need to do is to get online and visit an online store and buy Dermagen IQ and Expert Lift IQ at the earliest.

Dermagen IQ Result

You must be wondering that why these two cream out of so many options that are easily available in the market. Well, the simplest answer is that these creams are considered to be two of the best creams that help in the rejuvenation method of the skin. When you start using these creams, you will realize that how fast the wrinkles fade away and the fine lines become almost a fear that will not be near. These creams are the outcome of some of the highly significant natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients that are available in these creams are highly rich in properties that make the face look plumpy. Also, you will not have to worry about the pigmentation marks that come and go in your face. There will be no pigmentation mark in your face.

Therefore, if you want to get the same young look again and experience your younger age again, then give a try to these creams. These will undoubtedly make the quality of your skin tighter, plumper, and softer. There will be no sign of aging, no wrinkles, and the roughness that appears because of age will also disappear. But do not expect some miracle to happen over night. Good things take time, and if you really want to get positive results, you need to give it some time, which might go to a couple of months. This way, you will certainly get the type of skin that not only you expect to get, but also all the people of that age. So, take the next step to look good and feel good about yourself. This will not only make you look good from outside, but you will also feel wonderful from within.

Ingredients Used in Dermagen IQ and Expert Lift IQ:

The basic ingredients that have been used to come up with these products are vitamins, face firming peptides, minerals and herbal plant extracts. These ingredients have been selected very carefully, because these are the ones that help in repairing the gone charm from the face. There is not even a pinch of any harmful or synthetic chemicals that have been used. So, you can steer clear of the fear of getting any side effect of these creams.

Benefits of Using these Creams:

  • As you start using these creams, you will realize how fast your dark circles are going away. These creams are known for nourishing the skin that is actually under the eyes area. These creams help in hydrating the area.
  • As the creams boost up the collagen as well as elastin production in the skin, the skin become tighter when these are applied on the skin. Slowly the wrinkles get reduced.
  • When you use these creams, you will understand how your skin starts getting repaired. The skin that have become loose, will become tighter again. The cellular level gets boosted up, as a result of which the skin becomes more firmer.
  • The immunity of the skin becomes double. Therefore, even if you apply a little make-up sometimes, it will not make much a difference on the skin.

How Dermagen IQ Work

About Dermagen IQ and Expert Lift IQ ?

Linda Gordon says, “This one is beneficial for skin and its incredible effects on my face made me to pass its recommendation. Nowadays, lots of women are recommending this cream. This anti aging cream is a MADE IN USA product and its impacts over aging marks impacted skin are really superb. It will give you many reasons to appreciate your new look within a six week period. I am really impressed with its long-lasting effects. Don’t suffer from wrinkle and ugly spots any more, order this cream now so that its superb elements can revive your skin in a noteworthy way.”

Diana Richards says, “Whenever you know about its functioning and most importantly about side effect free ability to clean all aging marks, you will surely love to try this clinically sanctioned anti aging cream. I found it really effective and its strong antioxidants have given a new life to my facial skin. Its effectiveness comes from its exclusive substances. They are really capable of keeping your face really moisturized. I got results like glowing skin, zero marks density, proper moisturized and really healthy skin within only six weeks. Not just me, many other daily users got remarkable results within six to eight weeks.”

Where to Buy These from?

Buying these cream will not at all be a big deal for you. Another good thing about these creams is that these are available online. Therefore, you can expect to save a lot of time and money to get these creams. Search for a trustworthy online store and buy these at the earliest to say a big bye to the aging skin.

Dermagen IQ Where to buy

Brainplus IQ Reviews :How to use this ?

Brainplus IQ Fact:- The truth is that the brain power of a human can begin to decline as soon he or, she crosses the age of thirty. Cognitive decline problem happens to everyone as one grows bigger and this worsens over time. Due to the problem of cognitive decline, your mental health may face the various ill effects such as difficulty in concentration, loss of memory, lack of motivation and low energy. These effects, in turn, reduce your productivity and adversely affect your mood too. You are unable to focus on a task or, multi-task, which is the need of the hour.

What is Brainplus IQ?

Since, there are people suffering from learning disorders that create an obstacle to their ability to focus and others experiencing some kind of degenerative disease, consuming a natural brain supplement becomes indispensable. This brain supplement is the safest and the most effective nootropic one can find in the online mental health booster market. It’s clinically tested and proven formula is powerful enough to fuel your brain. Brainplus IQ is made up of excellent natural ingredients that help to boost your energy levels. It increases the production of neurotransmitters, which in turn, raise your cognitive precision. This amazing product also has the ability to bring about mental clarity and intense focus.

What are the benefits of this supplement?

  • Effective nootropic formula.
  • Brings about optimal mental absorption.
  • Increases the production of neurotransmitters.
  • Enhances focus and mental clarity.
  • Improves memory functions.
  • Boosts cognitive precision.
  • Reduces the issue of short-term memory.
  • Significantly increases long-term memory recall.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Increase in brain efficiency level and improvement in overall health.


BrainplusIQ is composed of fully-natural ingredients. It is the miracle of these ingredients that this brain-boosting formulation provides optimal mental performance. The key ingredients making up this product are not only of high quality but also, come in clinically approved doses. This mind-booster contains phosphatidylserine complex in its purest dosage. This ingredient is known for better functioning of your brain cells.

How does BrainplusIQ work?

Scientific studies have proven that our brain cells die every single day and this is one of the key reasons behind our low mental performance and poor level of memory. You, thus, need to supply your brain with vitamins and supplements it requires. Of course, your mind won’t be able to stay focused, if it does not get proper nourishment. This dietary supplement offers a new energy level to your brain. If you take its dose daily, your brain stays alert and remains in focus the whole day long. This mental power bosting formula will help you get rid of you short-term memory loss. Besides, you will easily be able to tackle mental stress.

In short, you need to know that your memory begins to lose its sharpness as you grow to the age of 30. Common foods we eat everyday speed up this decline. BrainplusIQ supplements your diet and serves as an aid to prevent this cognitive decline. Its natural ingredients act as the safest and fastest way to fuel human brain for optimum daily energy levels.


There are no side-effects of BrainplusIQ. Regular intake of this mental power booster nourishes your brain with all types of requisite minerals and vitamins. Its natural and reliable ingredients improve all the areas of human brain. Once you start taking it daily, you will notice extraordinary cognitive growth that will enhance your problem-solving capacities. This brain supplement operates in a faster yet, safer mode. It has been manufactured in a lab that has been certified by GMP. You can, of course, trust on this mental formulation. BrainplusIQ is the best remedy for achieving an improved memory. Since all its ingredients are 100 percent natural, it assures you of a maximum mental performance.

How to use this brain supplement?

The ideal way to use these brain pills is to follow the prescription of your doctor. To attain excellent results, you must take daily doses of this supplement. After all, your brain needs nourishment on a regular basis. Brainplus IQ has worked for people all over the world and will do wonders for you too. This supplement will, indeed, help you to prevent any more declines in the cognitive ability of your brain.

Where can I buy BrainplusIQ?

Are you seeking healthy brain function support? Do you wish to keep your mental energy high with your mind sharp and focused? Want to be smarter and faster? If yes, you need BrainplusIQ – the most advanced brain boosting complex ever. Nothing works better than this mental booster. Try it today and improve your IQ!

Replennage REVIEWS :Is Replennage SCAM?

Replennage Reviews: When you realized that you are growing old, it is most of the time because of that wrinkled facial skin. This sounds natural after a certain age. But, few of us suffered from aging signs much earlier due to numerous reasons like stressful life, unhealthy diet, ill habits like smoking and alcohol. Skin’s appearance usually goes in bad condition due to loss of collagen with our growing age and also due to several other harmful environmental effects. Few of us start using costly skincare kits or try Botox treatment for that gleaming appearance. But, this is just an outer solution and your skin’s health remains bad. Therefore, aging marks goes only for a small time period. If you need just an effective solution then it should work upon the root cause of marks. I want to tell you about one anti-aging cream, Replennage Cream. I had tried it and this post will let you know more about my experience with this age defying cream.
Replennage Benefitsss

Replennage Cream – An Introduction

This cream is something which extraordinarily turning woman’s approach about such age defying creams. Replennage Cream truly offers an opportunity to be the owner of that desired younger look. This blend of natural and effectual age defying substances is the best solution to your several skin related problems. According to its maker company, this cream will work without any tenderness.

Ingredients found in Replennage Cream

After this introduction, I would like to share more about its ingredients. Well, there is not much detail available about its used substances. But, its maker claims that all are truly natural substances clinically test and certainly skin beneficiary. This cream has a mix of greatly effective ingredients and all are truly capable of reducing appearance of aging marks from a woman’s face. Replennage Cream comes with ingredients fetched from nature to offer more firmness as well as smoothness to your facial skin.

Claimed benefits of Replennage Cream

Daily use of this cream can offer its user:

  • Better Smoothness
  • Zero Aging Signs
  • Better Collagen
  • Better Elasticity
  • Better Health Of Skin

Replennage Cream before after

Is Replennage Cream a scam?

Well, there are many web pages available in its favor. In social media also, you can see many positive testimonials of its daily users. According to my personal experience also, Replennage Cream is certainly not a scam.

Why Did I Pick This Replennage Cream?

My reasons for picking this cream are somehow related to my expectations from an anti aging cream. I was expecting Replennage Docterthat a cream should give relief from:

  • Aging Marks Like Dark Spots And Fine Lines
  • Dryness Of My Facial Skin
  • Wrinkled Skin
  • Uneven Tone Of My Facial Skin
  • Decaying Collagen And Elastin Level

When I read about this cream on its official website, I realized that it might give me solution of all above skin issues. Moreover, this Replennage Cream also works without any side effects. This one should work for me as it has given benefit to many others. Replennage Cream Scam

How Should Anyone Use Replennage Cream?

This one is side effect free. This one is really effective and not a scam. All these are just maker’s claim until you are not applying this cream in the same manner as suggested by its maker. So, read the given way and follow it sincerely. One need to apply it regularly to see all those claimed benefits.
buy Replennage CreamCan Anyone Use This Replennage Cream?

Not anyone can use this cream. This one is a formulation for only women who are above 18 and also having aging marks issue.

My Results With This Replennage Cream

Your skin of the face really needs your special concern and this becomes really vital after entering in your 30’s. If you are really interested in having a clean and clear face then you might have heard this science theory that skin’s health depends upon collagen as well as elastin level. I am really impressed with the functioning formula of this cream. It is certainly not one more scam. This Replennage Cream had given a great level of boost in these two factors of healthy skin. Now, my face is really gleaming and this makes me really confident. Replennage Cream Scam

Sharon Lopez says, “I am a skin care freak and for me, beauty products I use have to be herbal, pure, safe yet effective. I have this habit of going through and understanding the ingredients constituting any skin-care product. I believe it is better not to apply anything on your face than put on a chemical that can make things worse. I have always been interested in reading about health, beauty and lifestyle. One evening, while browsing online, I read about this anti-aging serum that is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients. I found it good enough to be ordered. I began to apply it daily on my face and arms. I am using it for four weeks now and I am quite satisfied with its results. My skin looks younger, suppler, brighter and more glowing than before. It has proven to be the best for my skin.”

Where Can I Buy This Replennage Cream?

Make an online order for this Replennage Cream pack!!

Final Recommendation

n’t fear about any scam as this cream is just an effective anti-aging solution. Its side effect free functioning can give glowing skin. Get relief from ugly aging signs, tired looks and wrinkled skin by using this Replennage Cream.
Replennage Cream Trial 

Aimee Eye Lift Serum Reviews :Did it Really work?

Aimee Eye Lift Serum Reviews :Did it Really work?:- Aging signs start in a more rapid way as you enter in your 40’s. This is truly panic phase of any individual’s life and no one can stop them occurring on your face. These dark circles, wrinkles nearby your eyes and lines make you look much aged than your real age. Of course, no way is an ensured way to stop them. But, you can control the growth rate of these marks!! You can get desired level of uplift in your look by using one serum. Aimee Eye lift Serum is that one serum which can give you a helping hand. It works amazingly against conspicuous evidences of skin aging. I had tried it and got remarkable change in my skin’s beauty.

Introduction Of Aimee Eye lift Serum

This formulation is proposed to revitalize your skin around eyes and make it really beautiful. Aimee Eye lift Serum can keep the region of aging a long way from facial tissue for really additional time!! Utilizing this serum reliably can give your skin around eyes all the required substances that would keep healthy skin and recover your damaged skin from the stinging aging impacts. You should order one pack of this serum to consider its feasibility. Experience yourself prompt anti-aging impacts of this convincing equation.

Benefits From Aimee Eye lift Serum

  • Its formula offers remarkable boost in hydration level.
  • It will effectively fill those ugly looking line around your eyes.
  • Its daily use will boost cell’s strength and creates a new shield around them.
  • Its formula offers remarkable boost in collagen level.
  • Its formula will restore stoutness of skin around eyes.
  • Its formula will work for restoring shining composition
  • Its formula offers remarkable boost in elastin level.
  • It will give faster clearance of ugly wrinkles.

Ingredients In Aimee Eye lift Serum

This eye lifting serum is a mix of viable substances and all of these substances are clinically tested. HCA and imperative face firming peptides are the element substances of this eye lifting serum and their combined effect really work for the welfare of your skin and also to restore your skin sans sumptuous mixtures. This eye lifting serum is overhauled with vitamins and feeding substances for cell fortresses which help issue you full affirmation from free radical insidiousness. They offer remarkable inclinations furthermore long haul results to give you smoother and firmer skin around your eyes. As a result, you will have eyes you have wanted about since you first saw the indications of aging.

Side Effects From Aimee Eye lift Serum

This eye serum is free from each and every fake part; appropriately, this one is not a fake formula showcased as anti-aging skincare. This best in class anti-aging eye lifting serum is the mix of all natural substances which can give a brilliant look to your face. This eye serum has used substances which are up to an extraordinary degree gainful in keeping skin firm and younger looking one. This serum is one hundred percent free from destructive chemicals or mixes. Aimee Eye lift Serum is free from included low quality substances which can reduce advantages of this skincare. Utilizing this eye lifting serum reliably can give your skin required substances that would customarily keep skin healthy.

Functioning Of Aimee Eye lift Serum

Aimee Eye lift Serum utilizes a genuine, selective mix of successful substances that needs to go on both moment and long haul influences. Since the development of this tissue is unprecedented in association with the straggling scraps of your facial tissue, it obliges focused thought on treatment. As the scarcest range in the skin is around the eyes and it needs part of consideration before aging signs show on the straggling scraps of the face. The epidermis periphery layer of your skin is the best organ. Facial tissue has the most slender layer with the tissue being the most touchy and sensitive compass. It is the most exposed against harming ecological impacts and is the crucial spot aging signs show up. As the first thing individuals see, this can profoundly age your appearance. It is not difficult to use! Subsequently, your skin around eyes will be firmer, smoother and brighter. This can essentially diminish age impact. The outcomes will be truly a fundamental change in skin. Its formula helps decline blood starting tones which are in charge of distinctive issues including spots around the eyes. If you are using it sincerely then its formula will work for offering you beautiful looking eyes within few weeks.

How To Use Aimee Eye lift Serum

This eye serum comes with a formula that will be working with a clinically proven aging recovery approach. You just need to be regular with the use of this serum. Best way to use this serum has been given by its maker company and I would like to advise you to follow that one with sincere effort. This one is the best way to deal aging marks around eyes. Aimee Eye lift Serum needs eight weeks time to realize your dream and stopping daily usage of this serum prior to that will be actually breaking that created shield.

Precautions While Using This Aimee Eye lift Serum

Of course, this eye life serum is clinically tested one and you will not get any side effects from using it on daily basis, yet you should mind these few precautions too;

  • Keep this eye lifting serum skincare safe from children
  • This eye lifting serum is molded only for the utilization of grown-ups
  • Keep the pack of this eye serum in a cool and dry spot

My Experience With Aimee Eye lift Serum

Talking about my experience with this eye lift serum, I have lot to share. First factor is related to its tremendous result. Actually, I am really feeling satisfied about this purchase. This one serum has changed my whole prospective about anti aging serums. This one is really good and works dynamically to offer unbelievable results. This aging eye serum works without taking much time as all viable substances work for the betterment of your facial skin without cursing your skin tissues without some other side effect. All its compelling substances are clinically approved and daily use of this eye serum will give only sensitive as well as delicate skin around your eyes. Aimee Eye lift Serum comes with a formula which can give you a plumper and firmer skin within four to six weeks. Its clinically demonstrated substances will act like health boosting substances. They will be working smartly to bring ample amount of hydration and efficiently boost the inner strength of your facial skin. You will notice faster epidermal recovery with the help of all clinically endeavored ingredients. Its exclusive formula will go deeper in the skin layers to give beautiful eyes by uprooting actual causes of recurring aging signs like wrinkles. With this eye life serum, clearance of wrinkles around eyes is one hundred percent sure. Standard utilization of this eye lifting serum will boost your beauty and make you really good looking woman. After sharing all this, I would like to recommend this eye lifting serum for daily use. Don’t hesitate and try it at least once!!

Customer Testimonials About Aimee Eye lift Serum

  • Maria Thomas says, “Aimee Eye lift Serum had changed my life. I have prescribed this to many club members and even to my sister. Each one of these women had valued this eye serum. This one is okay for every sort of skin. This one also comes within a sensible price. If your eyes are simply tired looking one because of wrinkles around them, then this eye lifting serum is certainly a good skincare to try at least one time. This one is a magnificent skincare that is completely protected and productized from typical successful substances to keep your skin additionally younger looking one. I feel astonishing about my face as a result of this eye serum! Skin pores have unmistakably settled and as a consequence of this formula, my skin looks incredible and it feels truly smoother! Absolutely, it is a great purchase for a woman!!”
  • Keera Johns says, “For me, this eye lifting serum is nothing less than one miraculous skin beneficiary formula. All sort of utilized substances in its formula join peptides which help advance collagen creation and heavy facial skin. As indicated by me, this one is an unprecedented skincare that is completely protected. Those lines on my temple have been smoothed out in only four weeks. This eye lifting serum has used substances which are extremely capable of keeping skin touchy and firm. In these many days, I have never felt any ill effect of its formula. I was applying it daily and minding my daily diet too. One should avoid oily and junk food to get faster results from this eye lift serum.”

Where To Buy Aimee Eye Lift Serum?

Act now to submit one online order for a pack of Aimee Eye Lift Serum!

Kidney Failure Is Possible Due To Excessive Ice Tea Use

Recent LiveScience research says that kidney failure has some link to excessive iced tea habit! According to news posted in usatoday, one 56-year-old Arkansas man was drinking sixteen iced tea glasses daily. Well, this is amounting to a gallon every day and it can be really unhealthy. Black tea contains a compound called oxalate which can cause kidney issues.

Research team expert had said that with 16 cups daily, patient’s daily consumption of oxalate was more than 1500mg. This is a level that is higher than the average American intake. This man was hospitalized last year and his urine contained lots of the calcium oxalate crystals. He was put on dialysis and he may be on it for life. If you are healthy and drink tea with moderation, iced tea should not cause any sort of damage to your kidneys.

In fact, few past researches have suggested that a reasonable amount of iced tea can actually fight kidney stones. We had discussed about this latest research with many renowned doctors and one of them told us that many of us apparently consume too much oxalate which can be found in chocolate, wheat bran, nuts, and among other foods. While fitness experts don’t counsel for going beyond 50mg per day, most of us consume 152mg to 511mg.

Therefore this one research is still over the table for discussion. As one healthy advice, we will suggest you to mind your daily dose of iced tea. If you are drinking in a moderate way, this will be working as health drink otherwise your kidneys will be in risk. So, one should follow a healthy drink and one should avoid excess of this tea. Meanwhile, researchers are doing their best work to identify more impact of using iced tea and we will keep updating you about further improvements in this research work.

Ancient Eye Remedy May Be A Remedy For Superbug MRSA

Yes, you read it right because one British research team at the University of Nottingham had claimed that one 1,000 year old treatment for eye infections may be capable of treating superbug methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). According to the news posted in USA Today, formula for the ancient Anglo-Saxon treatment calls for garlic and onion, wine and bile from a cow’s stomach. All these ingredients are brewed in a brass vessel to prepare this formula. This mixture named as Bald’s eye salve can kill up to 90 percent of MRSA bacteria in the skin wounds of mice. This concept was presented on last Wednesday as a conclusion of the study at Society for General Microbiology meeting in Birmingham.

Christina Lee, specialist on Anglo-Saxon history at the university, worked with microbiologists to examine whether the ancient recipe could work on this superbug. MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant bug caused by a strain of staph bacteria. Lee decided to translate this ancient formula because it contained garlic which is thought to have potential antibiotic effectiveness. This British research team tested the concoction on cultures of MRSA in the University of Nottingham lab. Although this team skeptical about the treatment’s efficacy, they observed that three identical batches of the solution created the same results. The medieval potion was also examined on MRSA skin wounds in mice at Texas Tech University.

Lee told that we let our artificial infections grow; mature populations called biofilms where the individual cells bunch together and make a muggy coating that makes it solid for antibiotics to reach them. But unlike many modern antibiotics, this ancient formula, Bald’s eye salve has the power to breach these muggy coating defenses. She thinks many modern medical ailments may have treatments or cures buried in past remedies.

Certainly, there are many ancient formulas which can work far better that nowadays formulas on many superbugs. Christina Lee and the team had done a good job and most probably such sort of innovatory ideas will work for the betterment of human health.

More than 27 instructors got certification under mental health literacy program

Clear Creek ISD had add 23 new instructors from the state of Texas and one each from Tennessee, Georgia, Iowa and Michigan to the Mental Health First Aid team after a training session held in the first week of January 5. According to news, Director of Student Personnel Services at Clear Creek ISD, Suzanne Thomas told that we are thrilled to bring Mental Health First Aid to our communities throughout the state. Most people know how to identify and suitably react to medical emergencies but there is little knowledge in the public about what to do in a mental health crisis.

Mental Health First Aid is an eight hour training course designed to help someone who is facing a mental health crisis. This instructor certification training was conducted by the National Council for Behavioral Health who manages Mental Health First Aid program across the United States along with the states of Maryland and Missouri. These instructors are now certified to teach this eight hour program to a variety of audiences. Audience can be anyone ranging from parents to classroom teachers and administrators. Read the whole news here >>